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Myths & Facts
We love answering our current and potential customers to clear their idea on quality and value of Lab Grown diamonds. We want you to feel confident when you’re buying a diamond, so we put together a comprehensive resource covering everything you need to know about Lab Grown diamonds and dispel any myths you’ve heard!
Myth #1

Lab-grown diamonds are synthetic in nature!


Lab-grown diamonds are far from fake diamonds. Historically, fake diamonds were typically glass. Glass is much less durable and has a lot less sparkle than a well-cut diamond. Other diamond imitations, like synthetic cubic zirconia and natural zircon or topaz gems, are likely to chip with wear. Lab-created diamonds have none of those issues. They’re just as durable and sparkly as any natural diamond.

Myth #2

Lab Grown diamond fade over a period of time!


A lab diamond will never get cloudy, fade in brilliance, or change color. Our lab diamonds have the same physical properties of a mined diamond. It will not change appearance. It will look exactly the same in a billion years as it does the day you receive it. In fact, if you placed your lab diamond in a vat of concentrated hydrochloric acid it would just get a good cleaning!

Myth #3

Lab-grown diamonds are less precious!


The myth that Lab Grown diamonds are less precious is unfounded, Lab Grown Diamond's share the same physical, chemical & optical properties as mined diamonds, its just Lab Grown Diamonds has a shorter supply chain. their value is based on same factor like color, clarity, cut, carat, the only primary difference lies in their origin, not their inherent worth.

Myth #4

Lab Grown diamond does not have any resale value!


In the shorter span of time Lab grown diamonds have come closer to its bottom. There is a minimum production cost which includes Laboratories, Equipments, Scientists, Engineers, Seed (raw material), Electricity, Cutting, Polishing, Certification, Taxes, Time, Efforts and Expertise. So after considering those calls, there is no reason for this market to go further down.

Myth #5

Lab-grown diamonds aren’t eco-friendly!


There is some fogginess around the sustainability of lab diamonds, only because of they are created with a HPHT method. This method require a lot of electricity, still, it is not as much as it takes to mine for diamonds. Infact. one of the reasons that so many people turn to lab diamonds for their diamond gifts is because they know that they are ethical diamonds — for people and for the planet.