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Fancy Colors

What are Fancy Colors?

In diamonds, rarity equals value.

Colored Diamonds are the new trend today! Everyone owns a white diamond, but if you wish to stand out, then get yourself Lab Grown Colored Diamonds. We offer a wide collection of colored diamonds available in different shades ranging from Light Pink, Deep Red's and Intense Blue's.

Color variations
Symbolic meaning

Pink, purplish-pink, pink champagne, brownish-pink.


Romantic fancy pink diamonds are often adorned by celebrities, as they are known for their luxurious feel and incredibly rarity.

Canary yellow, brownish-yellow, greenish-yellow, orange-yellow.


Most favorite choice of people these days, yellow colored diamond represent happiness and positivity in one's life.

Blue, greyish-blue, greenish-blue,turquoise, aquamarine.


Associated with royalty and wisdom and sought after by the elite, fancy blue diamonds vary from a faint teal-blue color to a deep blue color.

Greyish-green, yellowish-green, blueish-green, brownish-green


New beginnings and growth, fancy green diamonds are adored by nature-lovers, closely connecting the wearer to nature.

Reddish-orange, yellowish-orange, brownish-orange


A happy stone which brings a carefree sense to its wearer, fancy color orange diamonds range in shades from light orange to fancy Orange deep orange.

Brownish-red, pinkish-red, purplish-red.


The rarest of all fancy color diamonds, red diamonds are perfect for the passion-seeker, evoking a deep intensity and Red power.

Violet, pinkish-purple, greyish-purple


Fancy color purple diamonds often have undertones of another color, the combination of colors adding to the charming diamond’s beauty.

Champagne, lightly tinted brown,cognac, chocolate, hazel, honey, clove.


Fancy brown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular, the champagne hues providing an elegant and classy feel to Brown whoever adorns the stone.

There are approximately six shades of grey varying from fainty grey to dark grey.


Fancy grey diamonds come in varying shades, from pewter to graphite, and are perfect for the sophisticated, modern women.

There aren’t strictly color variations, there are no flashes of color but white or grey inclusions make them very unique.


Although fancy black diamonds don’t sparkle like other fancy color diamonds, the shocking stone looks incredible on its brave Black wearer.