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Our passion for perfection is evident in everything we do.



Founder - Diamond Atelier

Nature is greater than luxury. Lab grown diamonds does not involve any excavation or digging of the grounds like the mined diamonds. Thus, it wears a cap of being eco-friendly! Next time you make a CVD/HPHT purchase, know that nature has your back!
"Diamond Atelier is a Company by instinct" says Kavita Batra, the founder of the company. Kavita started off her career as a Business Consultant for many companies in Surat (a city in Gujarat, India). She has helped various companies reach escalating heights but never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. She further added a feather to her cap by studying Image Consultancy in the USA. She there she saw a potential in the diamond industry especially, CVD diamonds. She chose to work with conflict-free and eco-friendly diamonds which is a testament to her love for nature. That was it! She now wanted to the monarch of the diamond industry, and in no time, Diamond Atelier was born.

The Diamond Atelier created diamonds follow a precise path of more than 10 work steps from their master workshops to their office. The company holds a sustainable capacity to deliver all sizes of Type IIA (CVD) & Type II (HPHT) Diamonds to B2B clienteles, retailers and jewelry traders globally. Atelier offers 100+ shapes, 30+ colors and matching layouts. In case of any particular requirement, their lead time is 20 days to get it customized and delivered. Major amazement is in the huge availability of 30,000+ stones which are readily available for selection. To maintain a long-term relationship, Atelier offers credit and memo facility to their clientele.

Ever since 2019, Diamond Atelier has been honoring the craftsmanship of the diamond industry by producing diamonds of subtle brilliance straight out of its artistic workshop.
Our team in USA
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At Diamond Atelier, we are captivated by quality. We source best laboratory-grown diamonds all over the globe. We have the highest quality check standards in CVD and HPHT diamonds


The artisans at Diamond Atelier are experienced industry experts, who craft each diamond uniquely to maximize it's life, fire and brilliance.


At the heart of a Diamond Atelier lies an enduring commitment to integrity. We give a strong assurance on the quality of diamonds we deliver.


We do not deal at the cost of client's happiness! Every stone at Diamond Atelier justify the number on it's tag. Having direct access to manufacturing unit, our prices are lesser than others and thus gives us a competitive edge.


Every diamond we sell undergoes a rigorous quality control check, in -person by our highly trained industry experts. We source best laboratory-grown diamonds all over the globe.


Luxury is in confidence! Our diamonds are certified by GIA and IGI. With us you enjoy lifetime trade-in and a certified purchase.

Our Pristine Diamond Quality

Our diamonds are the best diamonds on the earth with